ByoFlex 35 for Bio Energie Coevorden ready to operate!

The stripper for the Coevorden bioenergy project is erected, commisssion has started and production trial runs are carried out.

Byosis installed their biggest stripper so far for Bio Energy Coevorden. The double ByoFlex system is capable of processing 35 m3/hr. It will remove the ammoniacal nitrogen from the digestate of Bio Energy Coevorden and convert it into Ammonium Sulphate. The system has a double design so that half of the capacity is allways available even during maintenance.

The plant in Coevorden processes 215,000 tonnes of biomass from livestock farming, agriculture and residual materials from the food industry every year. By adding the ByoFlex system Bio Energy Coevorden can reduce the nitrogen levels in the digester.

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