Nitrogen removal with ByoFlex

Standard system for stripping of ammonia from manure, digestate or heavily polluted wastewater.

Byosis removes ammonia from manure, digestate and heavily polluted industrially wasted water with the innovative ByoFlex-system. With ByoFlex it’s possible to remove up to 80% of the ammoniumnitrogen. The nitrogen will be recovered in the form of ammonium sulphate.

End-of-pipe of recycle?

ByoFlex is usable in 2 ways: ‘end-of-pipe’ and ‘recycle’. By putting ByoFlex in a “end-of-pipe” setup, nitrogen will be removed and less acres are needed for spreading out the digestate or the costs for a biological purify process will be reduced significantly. By circulating the digestate through a ByoFlex unit (rec ycling) is it possible to reducel the level of ammonium in the digester. This allows nitrogen-rich streams, such as chicken manure and waste streams to be enriched, without the addition of water. This can provide a large saving in feedstock costs.

ByoFlex is a robust and modulair system which can be expanded with a pasteurization-unit. It can also be combined with a decanter, dryer or evaporator so complete solution can be created for treating manure or digestate. The modular design allows a rapid erection time on site. The built-in advanced automated control system allows for remote monitoring, service, data-logging and process optimization.

What are the advantages?
 The modular unit comes in three sizes
Use waste heat for heat bonus

Low heat and energy demand
Compact design
Reducing the feedstock costs of a digester
Less nitrogen in manure, digestate and waste water
Nitrogen-rich fertilizer
Easy to operate

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