Scrubbing ammonia-rich air with ByoScrub

A unique and compact two-stage chemical scrubber.

ByoScrub is a standardized two-stage chemical scrubber to clean off-gases charged with ammonia. It is ideal to reduce the emissions of ammonia that have a negative impact on the environment. The ammonia is captured with sulphuric acid as ammonium sulphate. This is a high quality, tradeable and liquid nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

ByoScrub is a compact and modular system, which makes it easy to transport, install and erect on-site. It features an advanced built-in automated control system through which the process is monitored.

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Why ByoScrub?

Suitable for gasses up to 100°C
Modular and robust
Fully automated
Internationally recognized fertilizer with a high quality
The fertilizer has a neutral pH level. About 8%N and 9%S

The process

The off-gases charged with ammonia enters the first scrubber, where it comes in contact, counter-currently with a mixture of water and sulfuric acid. This way the ammonia binds with the sulphate to ammonium sulphate. The off-gases continues to the second scrubber, where the remaining ammonia is cleaned. The “cleaned” off-gases leaves the system. If the desired concentration of ammonium sulfate is circulating, the content can be pumped out. Optionally remaining acid gases can be cleaned in an alkaline scrubber, if necessary. Nearly 99% of the ammonia in the off-gases can be captured this way. In order to reduce the odour a biobed-filter can be added to the system.

Ammonium sulfate

The produced, liquid ammonium sulphate is of high quality, with a dry matter percentages between 36 and 40%. It is pH neutral, around pH 6-7. The (clear) liquid contains 7.5-8.5% nitrogen and besides the fastacting ammonium-nitrogen, is also contains 8.7-9.6% of sulphur. In addition to nitrogen, sulphur plays a very important role in growth and development of agricultural crops.