Pasteurization of manure or digestate with ByoPast

Standard system for pasteurizing manure or digestate

With the ByoPast system manure or digestate is pasteurised according to the EG standards 1069/2009. With a pasteurisation system it is possible to feed certain waste products to the digester while allowing the digestate to be used as a fertilizer or even to be exported to another country. Both advantages, savings on the feed costs and possibility to spread out the digestate on nearby fields, contribute significantly to the economic performance of a project or even are a prerequisite for the project. The heat required for the pasteurisation process can often be used for a heat bonus.

ByoPast product for pasteurisation


Why ByoPast?
Steady and continues reduction in heat gives a stable load for the engines
Eligible for the heat bonus
No validation required
The modular unit comes in three sizes
Strong, affordable and complete solution
Compact design
Pasteurization log


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