Xergi Ltd., Ballymena (NI)

The Tully Centralised Anaerobic Digestion Plant being led by Stream BioEnergy ltd. and built by Xergi and local firm BSG ltd uses the innovative nitrogen stripping technology of Byosis to allow the plant to use up to 100% poultry litter and will be one of the first anaerobic digestion plants in the world able to do so.

The plant processes 40.000 tons of NI poultry litter each year to produce biogas, generate 3 MW of renewable electricity and produce a high quality organic fertilizer.


 Delivery 2×10 m3/hr system on a skid
 Turn-key delivery at 3 MW 100% mono-chicken manure installation
 Integrated control system of stripper to maximize operational flexibility
 Full functional test prior to shipment to site
 Up to 75% reduction of ammonia
 Low energy demand

 System  2x ByoFlex 10
 Capacity  Nitrogen removal 20 m3/hr
 Year commissioning  2017
 Fermenter  Xergi Ltd.