Jansen Wijhe, Kielwindeweer (NL)

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In Kielwindeweer at Jansen Wijhe Byosis has built a ByoPast-system and converted the existing Envitec installation from 3 primary digesters to 2 primary digesters and 1 post-digester.


  Combined delivery of a pasteurisation system in a module and rebuilt digester
  100% use of waste heat
  More lignocellulosic and food waste can be processed in the digester
  Better spread in residence time
  Variation of biology in digesters
  More than 10% more biogas
  Digestate may be spread as fertilizer
  By pasteurising digestate may be spread on the fields and is export worthy


 Systems  ByoFlex-10
 Capacity  Pasteurisation 10 m3/hr
 Year commissioning  2014
 CHP  1,6 MWe
 Fermenter  EnviTec


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