Greendal Vergisting, Dalfsen (NL)


Byosis has built a ByoFlex- and ByoPast-combination at Greendal Vergisting in Dalfsen. These systems are a part of an advanced bio-fermentation plant.


Combined delivery of a stripper and pasteurisation unit on a skid
100% use of waste heat
Integrated control system with decanter and dryer
ByoFlex monitors ammonium level in the fermenter
Up to 80% reduction of ammonia
Feedstock is chicken manure, solid fraction manure and food waste without addition of water
Production of liquid ammonium sulphate (ASL) with 40% DM and pH 7
Separating into a potassium rich liquid fraction and a phosphate rich dry fraction
The dry fraction is further dried to a product with 60-80% DM
By pasteurising digestate may be spread on the fields and is export worthy


 Systems  ByoFlex-5 + ByoPast-5
 Capacity  Stripper 5 m3/hr; Pasteurisatie 5m3/hr
 Year commissioning  2015
 Decanter, dryer  Alfa Laval; Farmer Nederland
 CHP  1,7 MWe
 Fermenter  Biogas Plus