BioEnergie, Stadskanaal (NL)


At BioEnergie in Stadskanaal (NL) a ByoPast-system was built by Byosis for the pasteurisation of waste streams. This was integrated in the already existing system with a decanter and bio bed. On this site also a large demonstration unit of the ByoFlex was built and being tested.


Combined delivery of pasteurisation system, integration with decanter and bio bed
Integration with ammonia stripping system and lime dosing unit
Use of waste heat
Feedstock is digestate from liquid (chicken)manure, maize and food waste
Remaining odour emissions to the air are negligible
By pasteurising digestate may be spread on the fields and is export worthy


 Systems  ByoFlex-10 + Byobed
 Capacity  10 m3/hr
 Year commissioning  2012
 CHP  2 MWe
 Fermenter  Oosterhof Holman



DSCF4338 DSCF4348