3B-Energie, Bad Bentheim (GER)

The Digester of 3B-Energie owned and operated by the Family Schulte Siering uses the innovative nitrogen stripping technology of Byosis to control/reduce the ammonia level of the thin fraction of a digestate, therefore offering the customer the opportunity to spread more liquid to the surrounding fields and have a better flexibility when spreading out.

The plant processes 40.000 tons of substrates each year to produce biogas, generate 2 MWe of renewable electricity and an equivalent amount of heat and produces a high quality organic fertilizer.

It will be expanded by Byosis with a phosphorous recovery system in 2018, so that besides nitrogen also phosphorous can be recovered.


 Delivery 5 m3/hr system
 Turn-key delivery on site
 Engineering of interfaces, piping, cabling, decanter, flocculation-unit
 Integrated control system of stripper, decanter, flocculation system and lime unit
 Up to 75% reduction of ammonia
 Up to 75% reduction of phosphorous expected
 Low energy demand
 Waste heat of high load dryer
 Co-washing of exhaust gases of dryer.


 Systems ByoFlex -5
Expansion to ByoLogic-5 planned
 Capacity  5 m3/hr
 Year commissioning  2017-2018
 CHP  2 MWe