About us

Byosis combines and translates her extended knowledge with digestion and fermentation processes into practical and feasible solutions. Whether the input material are crops, agricultural residues, industrial waste, green waste or sludge from waste water treatment facilities, Byosis offers solutions that improve the efficiency and capacity of the digestion process considerably.

Biobased Solutions

The solutions of Byosis are an add-on to a classic digester and aim at 2 tracks in general: improving the biogas production from feedstock and lowering the operational costs of handling the digestate. In that way the technical and financial performance is improved and the business case becomes more robust. At the same time our solutions help to reduce the ecological footprint of a biogas process. Byosis supports customers by bringing innovative, biobased solutions and offers proprietary, advanced technology and sound operational knowledge.

Modular set-up

The systems of Byosis are set up in a modular mode, e.g. container and/or skid mounted. In this way they can easily be incorporated into existing or new biogas facilities. The ByoLogic system speeds up and improves the digesting process. The ByoFlex system combines the advantages of a quicker biogas production rate with the separation of minerals from watery streams, such as digestate, manure and waste water. The resulting products can be sold or used as a substitute for artificial fertilizers.

With the unique ByoSense system it is possible to separate the proteins and starches from the feedstock in cascade before the digester. The lignocellulosic feedstock is than converted into biogas, whereas the proteins can be sold as a high valued animal feed and the starches are fermented into ethanol. The system thus delivers 3 valuable products from biomass that also represent 3x times the economic value and offers a solution to deal with limited and expensive resources.


Byosis has a solid knowledge of technology, engineering, maintenance and operations. Our services consist of:

Feasibility studies through lab experiments of pilot tests (with mobile unit)
Trouble shooting of existing systems and installations
Turnkey supply of systems in a container and/or skid
Remote monitoring for expert advice and trouble shooting
Financing systems through operational lease